New Vision Farms traces its history to three family farming operations, all of which were multi-generational family operations: Rettig Farms, Fruth Farms, and Schwiebert Farms.

Rettig Family

Rettig Farms began circa 1860 when Roland “Rolie” Rettig’s great-great-grandfather cleared a patch of swamp in Monroe Township.  Rolie’s grandfather, Ben, owned 160 acres on County Road 12 between County Roads J and K. These acres are still in our operation today. Rolie’s father, Perry, continued the family operation, gradually increasing the farm’s size.  Rolie returned from college in 1962 to a 25 cow dairy and 400 acres of general crops. Rob, Rolie’s oldest son, returned to a 60 cow dairy and 700 acres of general crops in 1987 after graduating from The Ohio State University. In 1988, Rettig Farms exited the dairy business in order to concentrate on crop production. This shift, along with a concentration on identity-preserved crops and popcorn allowed Rettig Farms to achieve outstanding returns for its landowners. Crop mix and acres expanded over time to include commercial seed production and fresh market green beans.

Perry and Benjamin Rettig

Fruth Family

The Fruth family has been actively farming in the area for many generations. The origin of the current Fruth Farms can be traced back to the 1880s when Jacob Fruth moved to Henry County. Successive generations continued to farm in Henry County. Herbert, Jacob’s great grandson, began expanding the farm in the early 1950s. By 1977, when Herb’s son, Rick, returned to the farm after graduating from The Ohio State University, they were farming 800 acres.  Herb began transitioning control of the operation to Rick in 1990.  While farming full time, Rick received his MBA from the University of Michigan in 1992.  In 2004, Fruth Farms entered into a partnership with brothers Mark and Dennis Schwiebert, forming Fruth-Schwiebert Enterprises.

Herb, Rick and Emily Fruth

Schwiebert Family

Schwiebert Farms can be traced back to the early 1950s when Arnold Schwiebert started a farm drainage business based in the Hamler, Ohio area.  In 1976, Mark Schwiebert joined his father in the drainage business and 300-acre farming operation.  Mark’s brother, Dennis, joined the family operations in 1995.  Together, they gradually grew their operation until, in 2004, Mark and Dennis combined farming operations with Fruth Farms, in the aforementioned Fruth-Schwiebert Enterprises.

Arnold Schwiebert

New Vision Farms

In 2008, conversations began between Rettig Farms and Fruth-Schwiebert Enterprises regarding joining the two operations. Beginning in 2010, conscious efforts were made to move the partnership forward. For the next few crop years, business was conducted as New Vision Farms, until the decision was made to take the next step. Thus, in 2016, New Vision Farms was officially born. Today, New Vision Farms produces both butterfly and mushroom-style popcorn, fresh market green beans, identity-preserved Plenish and non-GMO soybeans for seed, export or processing, identity-preserved soft red, hard red, and hard white seed wheat and commodity yellow corn. The operation rents all land on a flexible-lease arrangement based on 50/50 share principles, prides itself on its sustainable crop management practices, and focuses on creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Founders
Rolie Rettig, Arnold Schwiebert, and Herb Fruth