New Vision Farms and its predecessor operations have been built upon fostering relationships of trust and performance with our landowners for generations.

As farmers, caring for the land and surrounding ecosystems is our main priority not only for you, but for future generations. Our goal is to improve your farm using sustainable farming practices. No matter the amount of land you own, we have the equipment, experience and esteem for you – the landowner – to exceed your expectations.

What to expect

  • Open-door policy with our landlords
  • Interaction with each landowner occurs several times per year, in part due to the unique, transparent nature of the rental agreements
  • Detailed financial performance is shown with each rent installment
  • Detailed agronomic performance is shown on at least an annual basis. This includes applicable yield maps, soil tests, and general condition updates
  • Annual appreciation event which is eagerly anticipated and well-attended

Landowner Services

  • Proprietary flexible rent agreement designed to cultivate long-term, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Woodlot management
  • Waterway management
  • Drainage tile maintenance and management
  • In-house CCA

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